Mavin Construction was founded in 2012 by business partners DJ Doherty and Todd Malo. The company has two divisions – Maintenance and Construction – and each offers a key expertise to each project. The Construction Division operates in the corporate office, retail, industrial, healthcare, higher education and municipal markets, with a focus on account-based relationships. Our Maintenance Division can support any facility need, by offering the strength and capacity of a large commercial contractor in an affordable program. Most repeat clients find that working with both the Construction and Maintenance Divisions provides the greatest value and return on the relationship.

Mavin Construction Maintenance

Our Philosophy

Earn our clients and project team’s trust and respect and build enduring relationships by delivering a rewarding and successful construction and maintenance experience. We will do this by adhering to our five basic tenants:

  • The client experience is vital to our sustainability.
  • People drive everything, and good highly-trained people are crucial to our success.
  • Knowledge is power. It is essential that our people continue learning and training, and improve their level of knowledge, offering our clients and project teams value.
  • Team success leads to individual success. It is our job to put the project team’s needs above our own, to facilitate and lead the team/project to success.
  • Relationship, trust and respect are the essential ingredients needed to accomplish goals. Our team lives by these principles, leaving a legacy for our clients and our company.

Service Area & Project Management

Mavin provides full service building maintenance to clients throughout SC and Western NC.
We have invested heavily in our maintenance request software system to insure that we can manage the workload, maintain a timely response and have constant communication when necessary. Our team provides management-level information for decision making, and our system is designed to ensure no ball gets dropped.

We manage any request. No matter how big or small.
Rest assured that you have a competent, well-trained, presentable, solutions-oriented Mavin managing your work ticket. Every Mavin has full access and support from our management team, construction staff and equipment. You have access to our construction team’s expertise without the added cost.

Maintenance Program & Small Projects

Preventative Maintenance
The old adage, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ can be applied to your building’s system. Our Mavins are contracted to perform routine maintenance every month, and we design a plan based on the scope of services and amount of time you need. We develop/manage our own list, coordinate visits with our client and determine any additional requests that arise.

Preventative maintenance clients receive the highest priority with emergency based calls.

Service Request
This solution is for clients who can manage most maintenance needs themselves, but require outside resources to supplement their needs. These types of calls are emergency-based, and are usually due to something not working or leaking. Our Mavins will troubleshoot problems, determine a solution and then define cost and timing of how an issue is resolved. Their may be additional costs for trip charges.

Most service-request clients typically convert to full service Preventative Clients after experiencing what our team can deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your footprint or service area?
We cover the Upstate and Midlands of South Carolina as well as Western North Carolina.

With multiple projects and clients, how to you ensure no ball is dropped?
We utilize a customized work ticket software that manages all aspects of a request.From the initial request to assigning a technician, we make sure all aspects are handled effectively. We also communicate updates, close a ticket, and complete billing.

How quickly will you respond to my request?
You will get an immediate response to the request. Physical response times vary by location and urgency, but do not exceed two hours in an urgent request. Non-urgent requests are scheduled.

Will I receive an estimate before work is performed?
These can be provided as needed, most clients utilize our stated rates in the agreement and estimates are limited to complex scopes or small projects. The rates are set with each relationship based on the services provided.

How will I decipher a Mavin technician when they visit our facility to perform work?
Mavin Technicians work in corporate environments every day, we will always be in branded apparel and have a professional appearance. We understand the importance of maintaining a low profile and clean work area.

How do I submit a request?
Email is the best way, as it creates a work ticket. Send your email to:, and you will receive contact information for your Mavin representative.

How do you handle emergency calls if you’re busy with other customers?
Emergency calls receive top priority. Mavin evaluates all tickets at the time of receipt, and the best suited team member will respond in a timely manner.

What is a ‘work ticket’ and how does the process work?
When an email is sent to, each email is assigned a ticket number. Our management team is alerted via cell phone about the ticket, and is then evaluated as ‘urgent’ or ‘scheduled maintenance’ and then assigned accordingly to a technician.

How is the completed work documented?
Each service call is closed out with a service report that can be presented to the client for approval if necessary.

I want to work with Mavin. What are my next steps?
Let us know how we can help! You can reach us by email at, or call our office at 864.263.3713. We offer a quotes for routine services, small projects or help with an emergency request. Give us a try and experience the difference of having a Mavin on your team.