Hendersonville Regional Animal Hospital


Location: Hendersonville, NC

Size: 7,000 sq. ft. building, 1,500 sq. ft. addition

Industry: Healthcare

Contract Type: Design Build

Construction Type: Renovation

Description: This was a great example of client success. We built the original building for the doctors and their business required additional space in less than five years. Mavin led a design build effort to add 1,500 sq. ft. of exam rooms and recovery space that allowed for the phased renovation of the existing 7,000 sq. ft. Mavin was the single source of contact for the clinic. The challenge was completing all of this work while the 24-7 veterinary clinic remained in operation. These renovations created additional patient/exam rooms, a large open office space, enlarged breakroom and storage area, and additional/enlarged operating rooms. The work was completed safely within the allotted schedule and on budget.