Client Insights

“This is how I always thought it should be.”

“Working with Mavin has been exceptional. I always feel that they’re going to be honest with me and do things the way we would have them done or expect to have them done. It’s just the way the process should be.

Mavin does an excellent job of making sure the owner is informed of what’s going on and what potential issues may be coming up and how they can be addressed and keeping the project in on time.
If there was a delay or issue, they kept us informed and continued to work all avenues so the next phases could keep moving.

While the renovation was going on, there were tenants in the building. Mavin was very good at recognizing the needs of the tenants and not interfering with their business. If something is going to be rather noisy, they may do it after hours or on the weekend. They were very cognizant of what they needed to do to make sure they didn’t impair the relationship between SC Telco and our tenants.

Knowing their work and the trust we can put in them to get the job done when they say they will, makes them a good partner for us.”

Toni Davisson
Chief Financial Officer
SC Telco Federal Credit Union

On the Mavin Philosophy | Greenville, SC

“I met Todd and DJ three or four years ago when they first started the company. They came around and sat with myself and my facilities manager. We talked about philosophy. The one thing I remember them saying was, “look, we don’t want to just be a company that does a project for you and then disappears.” That proved to be true through the whole project. They are very professional and strategic in their thinking. It never felt like this is their project. It felt like this is our project.

If we were to do another project tomorrow, we wouldn’t even shop it. I would call them up and say, “hey, here’s what we need. When can we get to working?”

Art Ringger, Executive Pastor at Fellowship Greenville

On Listening | Greenville, SC

“In the planning of the project, I am very hands on. I care about what the buildings look like and the set up and arrangement of the buildings. Early on in working with Mavin, I felt that I was listened to and the ideas I had were implemented. Mavin worked really hard to make sure these buildings were exactly what we wanted them to be. The working relationship with Mavin was very profitable and very relational. I appreciated that.”

Charlie Boyd, Lead Pastor at Fellowship Greenville

On Building Client Engagement | Greenville, SC

“We found them to be highly intentional and disciplined in their approach. Todd and DJ take a consultative approach to their clients and projects.”

Jim Stewart, Executive Vice President at Carolina Alliance Bank

“Mavin spent a lot of time early with us in planning, designing, cost-estimating and everything else. It made us feel really comfortable that we were going to be able to build what we wanted.”

Art Ringger, Executive Pastor at Fellowship Greenville

“We found them to be very engaged and responsive. Mavin takes ownership of the project. They’re our partner.”

Ann O’Dea, Chief Financial Officer at St. Joseph’s Catholic School

On Performance | Greenville, SC

“They bring the right people to the job, every time. They’re precise … conscientious and thorough. I know I can trust them.”

Marshall Croy, Brushy Creek Baptist Church

“There’s an extremely high attention to detail that trickles down from Todd and DJ. They’re always on time, punctual. We found them to be flexible; if they see a better option, they’ll present it.”

Elcainey Baker, Construction Manager at Furman University

“They truly care about the project. Mavin conveys a high sense of trust that the job is going to be done right.”

Dr. Fred Rosen, Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital

On Timelines and Minimizing Disruptions | Greenville, SC

“Mavin was attentive to not just the day to day, but looking through the lens of making sure everything worked well and happened in a sequential kind of manner— that things happened for us to be able to continue to do ministry around campus despite all of the stuff going on. They did a masterful job.”

Art Ringger, Executive Pastor at Fellowship Greenville

On Working with Client and Architect | Greenville, SC

“There was a team effort. At no time during the process did I feel like there was any kind of triangulation. At no time did the architect blame the builder or the builder blame the architect if there was any issue. No pushback or resistance. I felt like the customer was always first.”

Charlie Boyd, Lead Pastor at Fellowship Greenville

“They understand and respect the architect’s role. Honest and straightforward. Trustworthy; no hidden agenda. They make the process fun.”

Michael Pry, Senior Associate at DP3 Architects, Ltd.