GSP Airside Garden

Location: Greenville, SC

Industry: Aviation

Contract Type: Lump Sum

Construction Type: New Construction

Description: This project was awarded to Mavin through a prequalified bidding process where Mavin teamed with local landscaping contractors to completely demolish and replace the Airside Garden. The project included demolishing all existing fountains, piping, electrical, site retaining walls and landscaping. The fountains were rebuilt in new locations and surrounded by new hardscapes and landscaping to include stained/scored concrete, natural stone veneer, granite pavers, bronze sculptures, boulders and granite curbing. Programmable lighting and jets were incorporated into the fountain to allow for unique and colorful displays. All activities occurred in a TSA secured environment and access to the site was across the operating aircraft runway apron. Extensive site management techniques were used to deliver the project within the project schedule and budget. WK Dickson and Seamon Whiteside served as the design team and represented GSP International Airport.