Our Mission & Approach


A Business Built on Mavins | Greenville, SC

Our approach is simple: We hire, train and cultivate Mavins.

More than just experts in their fields, Mavins are honest, fair-minded and relentless in their pursuit of what is good and right. A Mavin respects people and teams, and places high value on responsiveness, organization and consistency of process. They are fully accountable for results. It is our Mavins, working together, who create a satisfying construction experience for our clients.

We look for the same character from our sub-contractor partners. We seek to build relationships with those who share our values and perspectives. An organization is only as good as its weakest link. At Mavin, we continuously strive to build organizational excellence throughout our teams.

In 2012, our founders Todd Malo and DJ Doherty set out to build a company whose culture was founded on integrity, professionalism and performance. These values served as Mavin’s compass in its early days. Today, they’re still the basis for everything we do.

We firmly believe:

  • Every project is deserving of our best work. It’s our goal to purposefully engineer an exceptional client experience and always act in our client’s best interest.
  • Building a team of Mavins – well-trained, high-character people – is the most crucial aspect of our success.
  • Knowledge is Power. Our team must commit to continuous learning to bring tangible value to our clients.
  • Team success leads to individual success. It’s our job to put the project team’s needs above our own and facilitate and lead the team project to success.
  • Trust and respect are the cornerstones of every relationship. They are the ingredients needed to accomplish anything of value and leave a lasting legacy.

Our mission is simple: to create enduring relationships built on the trust that is cultivated by consistently achieving the highest standards of professionalism, accountability, transparency and performance. It starts with our clients – getting to know their distinct needs and values and consistently promoting their best interest. But it doesn’t end there. We’re also committed to investing in our own people – the employees, subcontractors and business partners that make each project work.